Publisher. Getting Started

Updated 1 Oct 2020 11:50:59

A publisher is a person or even a company that displays ads on their digital space. They connect the visitors/users (someone who might buy a product or service) with the advertisement and they make revenue by displaying these ads on their websites through an ad network.

When an advertiser wants to run an advertising campaign, it has to work with publishers that are willing to display the advertiser ’s message to the public. However, advertisers typically don’t head straight to the publisher with their video ads and banners. Instead, an ad network steps in and connects advertisers with the publisher. The publisher signs up to a network and allows that network to use their ‘inventory’ and technology to display advertisers' ads on the publishers' resources.

Pricing Models

On AdVow Ad Network publishers earn money based on two different pricing models:

Cost per Click (CPC): In this model, the advertiser pays a price for every qualified ad click. We say qualified, because some clicks may be disqualified and not credited by our system, based on certain criteria. For example, one visitor clicking same Ad several times within a short period of time, or click count for a particular Ad greatly deviating from statistical average CTR for the ad type on AdVow Ad Network. Disqualified clicks are neither credited to the publisher account nor paid for. We also vehemently discourage incentivized clicks. including applications with content related to programs offering incentives to click links or ads, or visit advertisers' websites. This would include, for instance, auto-surf apps, pay-to-read email networks, and apps comparing various pay-to-click programs. This type of clicks is seen as fraudulent, next to useless, because many people are clicking Ads simply to receive an incentive. AdVow Ad Network technology detects and disqualifies such clicks. Frequent violation may result in your account being banned.

Cost per Mille (CPM): In this case, a ‘mille’ refers to 1,000 impressions. If a campaign is, for example, geared towards a brand and there isn’t a specific call to action (to download an app, subscribe, etc), Cost per Mille is typically the model of choice. However, we vehemently discourage incentivized traffic - visitors to a website that receive compensation or incentive for visiting the site. A common form of incentivized traffic happens when one site offers visitors incentives such as cash for clicking through to various other sites. This traffic is seen as fraudulent, less-valuable traffic, because many people are visiting simply to receive an incentive. AdVow Ad Network technology detects and disqualifies such traffics. Frequent violation may result in your account being banned.

What are required of you as a Publisher

1. To Signup/Register with AdVow Ad Network. is first step to monetizing free space on your online resources is Registration is free and takes less than 2 minutes. Once you have confirmed your registration, Publisher account will be automatically created for you on the system.

2. To start earning money from Ad space on your website(s), you will be required to display Ads from our numerous advertisers on your digital space. Below are the basic steps you will need to follow:

  • Study the available Ad formats (Ad types) to decide those that are are appropriate for placement on your website(s)
  • Select the most appropriate Ad zones for your website(s), by creating Ad publishing places
  • Generate and Copy the corresponding Ad placement tags (codes) for selected Ad formats and Zones.
  • Insert the code(s) on the page(s) of your website(s)
  • Start earning!