Creating New Ads

Updated 6 Aug 2020 02:49:54

The system allows you to create unlimited ads under a single account. Your Ads will be used for your campaign(s).

The Ad Wizard offers simple, step-by-step wizard for creating a New Ad and adding it to your account. To activate the Ad Wizard, click the New Ad item on the left sidebar menu. Step 1 of 3 of the wizard will pop-up.

How to create new ads. Ad wizard Step 1

STEP 1/3

  • Title - name of the ad for your reference. Useful for identifying ads, if you will have multiple ads in the system
  • Ad type - drop-down (select) box with the list of all In-Use ad types. Select one.
When done, click Continue button. You will be taken to the next page (step) where you can upload your image banner or/and enter other required information.

How to create new ads. Ad wizard Step 2

How to create new ads. Ad wizard Step 3

STEP 2/3

Notice that a new Ad with the name (My Ad №1) created in Step 1 has been created and added to the left-side menu item. The new Ad also carries performance statistics attributes such as impressions, number of clicks, countries, referral Url etc. The values will be 0, because we have not used the Ad (by assigning it to a campaign).

Based on the Ad type, you may need to indicate other necessary parameters for the new Ad. In step 1 above, we have chosen Banner (image) Ad type, hence we must supply some additional information for the banner. For example, "alt" attribute - alternative text to display in case the banner image could be found or loaded.

  • Banner image file options:
        - option1 - Use classic banner (image) - option to upload the image file from local computer;
        - option2 - Use a HTML banner (enter complete HTML code of your banner) - option to enter the html code of the banner. This will entail indicating the the location of the banner image file on a remote website.

    We will select and use the first option - Use classic banner (image).

  • Upload banner - click on the Choose File button to select the banner image file on your local system. The dimensions of the file (width x height) must equal to 728x90 pixels - the size of the Ad type we have chosen earlier. Deviation of 5% from Ad type size is allowed. If the file dimensions vary greatly from the required values, during upload the system will adjust (resize) the image to the necessary size - some distortion of resultant image be occur.

  • Link URL - the web address to which visitor should be directed upon clicking the banner. For example,

  • Alt tag text - optional text to be displayed in the event the banner image file is not found or can not be loaded due to one problem or the other.
Click "Save" to continue.
You are now ready to assign the Ad to a campaign, to be displayed throughout AdVow Ad Network.
You will be presented with the option to assign the Ad to a campaign now or later.
Since we don't have any campaign yet, we select/click Create Campaign Now.

If you don't have a banner you can make use of our free banner maker to create a banner-like Ad, by selecting Text Ads with designer as your Ad type in Step 1 above. Using the free tool, it takes less than 5 minuites to create a banner. See details here

STEP 3/3

Assigning your Ad to a specific campaign is the third and last step of Creating an Ad.
After you have COMPLETED your Ad (uploaded banner or/and fill in necessary texts), you can now use the Ad for your campaigns. Only completed Ad can be used for campaigns to be run on AdVow Ad Network.

The process of assigning an Ad to a campaign is fully outlined in this article: Assign Ad to a Campaign