AdVow Advertising Network
Main Features

Multiple Ad Formats

Select From Multiple Ad Formats - Text, Pictures, Banners, Videos And Many More. And you can even create your own professional-looking banner with our free banner maker. At no cost!

Advanced Targeting

You can avoid unproductive expenses by limiting display of your ads to selected region or countries, to certain days of the week, time of the day, devices, operating system etc.

Simplified Setup

Starting Ad campaign is as simple as A-B-C and takes less than 10 minutes. Register an account, upload your banner or write the Ad texts, select campaign criteria and click "Go".

Detailed Statistics

Detailed real-time Statistics empower you to monitor your ad campaign performance, modify criteria, adjust other parameters to improve conversion without additional cost.

Free Banner Maker

With AdVow banner design templates, you can create your own professional-looking banner(s) for free in minutes. Done and saved, you can use the banner(s) for your ad campaigns, edit/modify them in future.

Technical Support

You don't need to be tech-savvy to use our AdVow. Nevertheless should you need help, our knowledge base is handy and illustrative with examples. A personal manager will also be around to help you 24/7.

AdVow Advertising Network
Perfect Solution for SME

From registration to setting-up Ad campaign and monitoring of performances, our system has been simplified and optimized to cater for the needs of small and medium size enterprises.

Low budgets have always been a focus of consideration for small business. After registration, you can start your Ad campaign for as low as $25 without sacrificing quality. The system allows you to plan your budget With flexible pricing Models (CPM/CPC/PPM) for all categories of business.

Our click fraud detection/mitigation technology has been developed and managed by best software developers. Suspicious clicks are filtered and nullified, so you can be assured of fair play and pay only for actual results.

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AdVow Advertising Network
In a Nutshell

Once again, let's sum up the great features that make AdVow unique among competitors.

  • Quick Access
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Optimized for SME
  • Free Banner maker
  • 24/7 Support
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Frequently Asked Questions
about AdVow


    Yes, you must be registered as an ADVERTISER before you can use the system. After registration, you are assigned a unique user account number (ID), user page with dashboard etc. Registration entails:

  • Fill the   registration form with necessary data such as your full name, username (login), unique password, your email and submit.
  • Check your mail inbox for message with instructions and link to confirm your registration and email address. Once done, you can   login (sign-in) to the system and start working.

As an ADVERTISER it is very easy to start an Ad Campaign:

  • Create a New Ad by clicking on the necessary menu item or button.
  • Select from the numerous Adtypes available (text, banner, video, etc.).
  • In the form, Upload your banner (for example), add the website URL (address) to where visitors will be directed upon clicking the Ad. Save the Ad and proceed to the next step - Campaign.
  • Select a Campaign in order to assign the Ad to the selected Campaign. A campaign can consist of several Ads.
  • Specify / indicate criteria (for example, time of the day, countries), under which you want the Ad(s) under the particular campaign to be displayed across numerous websites of AdVow Network.
  • Assign a budget to the the particular Ad. You can assign budget from balance (if any) of previously made payments. If your account balance is 0 or low, then you can make payment to add funds and then use it later to fund your campaign budget(s).
Note: The URL you've indicated above is also landing page for the campaign and can point to any page on your website (not necessarily home page).

Remember, a campaign can consist of several Ads. Before a particular Ad can be displayed on AdVow Network, it must be assigned to a Campaign. The budget amount assigned to the Ad must also be positive. As Ad is displayed on the AdVow Network, certain amount of money will be deducted (gradually) from the budget. As the budget runs low, you may to want to add more funds, using one of the following ways:

  • Assign funds to the Ad budget from previously purchased package or your account outstanding balance.
  • Purchase a new payment package with discount.
  • Pay arbitrary sum of money to add to your account balance.

Bot traffic is essentially non-human traffic to a website. Bot traffic is the result of software applications running automated tasks. Save for the legit search engine bots, now a days automated bot traffic are big headache and nuisance to internet community. They can distort traffic stats and give suspicious CTR (Click Through Rate) of Ad campaigns on websites. Where proactive measures are best approach to addressing the issue, many analytics tracking services are powerless and reactive in response.

At AdVow we've developed simple, yet effective solution to the problems. Having gathered lots of data from our ad network over the years, we are proactive and able to forestall likely occurrence of ugly scenario.

Knowing the average CTR for each Ad type, we set CAP on the number of valid clicks in relation to number of impressions. For example, if the network average CTR for a particular Ad type is 2%, then a publisher having 100 impressions with 10 clicks will only be credited for maximum of 2 clicks. Advertiser pays for 2 clicks only.

Furthermore, we have set Maximum number of clicks that can be counted as valid from same user/IP/day for each publishing place, hence suspicious clicks from suspicious users are not counted at all.

Lastly, as an Advertiser, below are some additional actions you can take to limit or exclude fake clicks entirely.

  • In your campaign settings, you can also indicate the maximum number of clicks your Ad(s) can receive per day. Once the maximum has been reached for the day, your Ad will no longer be displayed across AdVow Network.
  • You can also restrict your Ad(s) being displayed to visitors from selected countries.
  • Indicating days of the week and time of the day you want your campaign to run is another step you can take to limit unwanted clicks and impressions.

Using AdVow is very easy and intuitive.

  • At any stage, you will find step-by-step guideline notes on the footer part of each page.
  • A detailed online knowledge base and help files are also available.
  • Lastly, you can send technical assistance request by filling the form with your questions and need. You must be logged in to send technical request. Our response time is 48 hours.

Yes, you must be registered as a PUBLISHER before you can use the system. After registration, you are assigned a unique user account number (ID), user page with dashboard etc. Registration entails:

  • Fill the   registration form with necessary data such as your full name, username (login), unique password, your email and submit.
  • Check your mail inbox for message with instructions and link to confirm your registration and email address. Once done, you can   login (sign-in) to the system and start working.

It is very easy to monetize your website(s) with AdVow.

  • Login into the system as PUBLISHER.
  • Add the website you want to monetize.
  • Select from numerous Adtypes available (text, banner, video, etc.)
  • Generate the AdCode for the Adtype, copy and paste it into the pages of your website. The more the pages you paste the code, the higher the opportunity of earning money.
  • Furthermore, you can display multiple Ads or Adtypes (not more than three) on the same page of your website. For example, on the top, left or right sidebar, footer part - depending upon how the page has been designed.

Yes. If you have more than one site, you can monetize them under one account. Once you've registered, Add the websites to your account, generate the AdCode for one of the sites. Copy the AdCode and paste it into visible places on the pages of the websites. Multiple websites means more than one site hosted on different domains; e.g,,, etc.

We accept into AdVow Ad Network only Parked domains that are using DNHat for their landing pages.

DNHat monetization plugins for domain portfolio/marketplace have been designed to be compatible with AdVow Ad Network modules. So, you must be using a copy of DNHat (either by subscription or self-hosted) and the domains you want to monetize must redirect (forward) to your marketplace using DNHat.

Parked domains using other sundry parking services will not be accepted.

Although not recommended, you can display Ads from other sources alongside with Ads from AdVow. However, we don't encourage clustering a page with too many Ads (Ad stuffing - Pixel Stuffing and Ad Stacking). Maximum number of Adtypes recommended per page of a website is 3.