Introducing AdVow

Updated 2 Oct 2020 07:26:24

AdVow Ad Network is a reliable, lightning fast ad server for advertisers, publishers, and agencies. AdVow Ad Network makes possible the tasks of distributing advertisers' ads across the network of publishers' websites, responsible for cookie management, clicks and impression tracking, ad rotation, visibility tracking and other tasks.

Publishers - a person or a company that displays ads on their digital space. They connect the visitors/users (someone who might buy a product or service) with the advertisement and they make revenue by displaying these ads on their websites through AdVow Network. Publishers use "publishing places" for generating corresponding Ad codes, which they insert into the pages of their website(s). Each publisher can have one or more places.

Advertisers - a person or company that advertises a product, service, or event. Advertisers can submit their ads to the system to be simultaneously displayed on hundreds, thousands of publishers' websites registered on AdVow Network. Advertisers can set the days and hours when each of their ads should be displayed. They can also set how many clicks, impressions or days should be used by individual ads, they even can set Maximum number of clicks or impressions per day. Advertisers may also deliver ads based on a user's suspected geography (country) through geo-targeting.

Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting

Reach audiences in selected countries, hours, days, period, operating system etc.

Detailed statistics

Detailed Statistics

Every registered user receives our advanced statistics and detailed traffic reports for free.

Fair Value

Fair Value

Both advertisers and publishers receive the best value. It's our promise.

Advantages for Advertisers

  • Reach millions of customers for your products and services worldwide
  • Advertise On over 10000 high-rank websites at minimum cost
  • Target your Audience by Keywords, Regions, Time of the day, Language, devices etc.
  • Select from Unlimited Ad Formats - Text, pictures, banners, videos and many more
  • Plan your budget with Flexible Pricing Models (CPM/CPC/PPM) for all categories of business
  • Monitor your Ads performance with Real Time Statistics
  • Edit, Adjust, Replace, Pause your Ads without additiional cost
  • Fraud Detection/Mitigation Technology from best software Developers
  • 24/7 Technical Support in 4 international languages

Opportunities for Publishers

  • Monetize your website traffic with little efforts
  • Add multiple sites with single account
  • Display Ads from top-notch advertisers
  • Select Ads based on your pre-defined criteria
  • Automatic Content or Country Targeted Ad display
  • Advanced reports with multiple filtering features
  • Get Paid on request or auto-pilot via PayPal or Wire transfer
  • No minimum traffic required to join

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