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What is advertising network?

is an innovative display advertising network which uses it's own state of the art ad technology to deliver right ads to the right customers. Our ad technology help publishers generate more revenue using contextual, re-targeting and geo-targeting ads.

AdVow is another product of Josytal(a software development and marketing company).

All technical support and maintenance issues are handled by Josytal. So It's OK if you receive emails from

What are your minimums for Advertisers?

To become an Advertiser you need to be at least 18 years old, register a free account on the system. You must also have at least one website, to which will act as the landing target for your ad campaigns.

When will my campaign go live?

As soon as it's funded and reviewed. That is. campaign will go live as soon as it is ready and payments are made. In addition, we reserve the rights to review ad before it goes live so that the ad comply with our standards, especially if you are advertising with us for the first time. We do our best to review campaigns as quickly as possible. Review may be waved for regular customers.

Can I cancel a campaign?

Yes, our self-serve system will let you stop a campaign and refund it back to your balance at anytime.

How can I make payment?

At the moment you can make payment via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to do this. PayPal gateway handles credit card as well. In the near future we will add more payment options such as:
- 2CheckOut
- SolidTrustPay
- FastSpring
- Bank (wire) Transfer

What are the requirements to become a Publisher?

Our publisher terms, including requirements can be found here.

Can I create multiple accounts with ?

No, you cannot create multiple accounts with AdVow. Each user must only create one account. However if you are a publisher as well as an advertiser, you can contact us for assistance. Creating multiple accounts is against our terms which if found will lead to ban.

Do you offer a referral program?

Yes, you will receive 10% commission on the earnings of referred publishers.

What type of Ad Formats do you support?

Technically, supports unlimited Ad formats. But we have selected the most popular types among publishers and advertisers. For full details, please click here
See also: Knowledge Base, User Guide and Help topics